Traditional sash and case windows were born in the late 1600s and have performed effectively ever since.

Regular inspections will help you to spot any signs of damage or decay to your sash and case windows. This helps to deal with any issues promptly to reduce more costly issues.

Timber and windowsill decay, poor operation, and broken sash cords are all common causes of problems with sash windows.

As Edinburgh’s leading sash and case window company, Pren Joinery specialise in the maintenance and restoration of these timeless windows.

Instead of having to spend thousands on full renovations every 5-10 years, your sash and case windows can be maintained to the highest of standards with our cost-effective maintenance plans, starting from only £10 per month. You can view them here.

Given sensible maintenance at regular intervals, sash and case windows should remain in good condition and will be capable of providing an efficient service.

We’ve put this article together to showcase the best ways to care for your sash and case windows.


Regular cleaning of glass and timber surfaces will improve the appearance of sash windows and help to make sure they function properly.

Cleaning also presents an opportunity to inspect your windows regularly. This enables you to be aware of any developing defects so that action can be taken before major problems occur.

At Pren Joinery, we offer maintenance packages for a small monthly payment. We can maintain and enhance the external appearance of your property while making sure your windows are always in full working order.

Take a look through the maintenance plans, which start from only £10 per month. Financing is available.


Protect the joinery and putty of your sash and case windows by maintaining the paintwork. Windows normally require external repainting every 5 years depending upon exposure.

Redecorating windows in good time, before paintwork has begun to break down, will minimise preparation requirements.

A number of different paint systems are available – usually with different specifications for external and internal use. For external use, appropriate gloss paint or microporous paint specification is required.

With Pren Joinery, all work is guaranteed and once your window meets our minimum standard we guarantee to keep that window to that standard, or we will offer a no-quibble money-back guarantee. Ready to get started? Great! Contact the team.


The majority of window sashes are counterweighted so that they can be operated easily.

Sashes are hung on cords, which pass over pulleys and connect to weights concealed within the weight boxes in the hollow sides of the case. These cords require replacement when worn or broken.

In larger heavier windows, chains were often used instead of cords and should be retained and refurbished as necessary. Cord replacement requires the sashes to be removed from the frame and is a job best carried out by specialist joiners.

Repairing sash and case windows

Straightforward design and construction of timber sections mean that sash and case windows can be repaired readily – even the most dilapidated windows are usually capable of resurrection.

Most old sash and case windows were manufactured from exceptionally durable heartwood timber of quality now difficult to obtain. It, therefore, makes sense to retain and repair original joinery rather than replacing wholesale with new timber, which may be more susceptible to decay.

Our team of craftsmen have collectively accrued over 60 years of experience between them to ensure that your project will be handled by the most knowledgeable and experienced craftsmen in their field.

Wherever possible we always try to restore windows to their former glory without having to replace them entirely. Careful consideration is always regarding the materials we use. We will provide a free estimate and advice on how we can get your windows looking beautiful again.

Contact the Pren Joinery team for a free chat about your requirements.

Inspection checklist

From visible defects to hidden defects, it’s important to make sure your sash and case windows are regularly inspected. The Pren Joinery maintenance plans make it easy to ensure your windows are being checked regularly.

Checks include:

Any gaps around the windows
Unlevel rails
Broken sash cords
Broken or cracked glass
Flaking or missing paint
Timber missing or damaged
Missing or defective putty
Timber decay
Structural defects or damage

Once you have registered your interest, we will carry out an inspection to see if your windows meet our minimum standards. If your windows meet the minimum standard, we will immediately put the plan in place using our secured portal.

If your windows do not meet the minimum requirements, or there are any upgrades you require, we will give you an estimate which you are free to accept or decline. Please note we offer 0% finance options to bring your windows up to standard.

By bringing your windows up to our minimum standard, or where they already meet that standard, we can guarantee that your windows will always be in prime condition. This saves you the inconvenience and cost of having to have them painted and/or refurbished at a later stage.

How much does it cost to restore sash and case windows?

Blending the perfect combination of classic style and modern performance, sash and case windows are equally stunning in both period properties and contemporary homes.

Keeping your sash and case windows well-maintained is the perfect way to reduce costly repairs.

Our maintenance plans include:

Two six-monthly checks
Thorough inspections
Painting every two years
New mastic where required
Priority call-out for any issues (such as broken glass)
Full survey reports
Finance options

Prices start from £10 per month for one window. View all plans here.

If your windows do not meet the minimum requirements, or there are any upgrades you require, we will give you a transparent estimate.

Got a question? No problem. Contact our expert team at Pren Joinery.