We’ve all experienced the charm and character that older, beautifully crafted buildings effortlessly exude – perhaps most especially those who are familiar with the iconic and historic buildings that make up our nation’s capital.  

The traditional materials used in these projects are a major part of the charm that we still enjoy today, despite many of the buildings being generations old. Choosing the right materials for a job is something Pren Joinery gives a lot of time and attention to. As Edinburgh’s leading sash and case window company, we know the qualities of the right traditional materials will enable any structure to stand the test of time and maintain its character like the ones we know and love from around our historic city. 

The importance of quality timber

Being one of the oldest and most versatile of building materials, quality timber is a key part of almost all of Scotland’s historic buildings due its innate qualities of being easily worked and timeless in its classic aesthetic. In fact, older timber, or old-growth timber, is often far superior to newer, modern timber when it comes to overall quality and durability. Old-growth wood comes from trees that initially grew in untouched forests for many hundreds of years. A lot of the timber harvested today comes from trees that have been specifically planted to grow rapidly, resulting in the wood not being as dense as it would have been if left to grow slowly and naturally. This means that a lot of the modern timber produced is weaker and more susceptible to things like decay and instability. Old-growth wood, however, has nearly ten times the number of growth rings per inch (meaning that it is much denser and more stable) and is more resistant to worrisome things like decay or damage. 

At Pren Joinery, we are committed to adding to our nation’s heritage and continuing this trend by prioritising the use of traditional, long-lasting materials such as these in our joinery work. 

Maintaining listed buildings

If you are in charge of maintaining a listed building, then you will be aware of the requirement by law to maintain, as closely as possible, the original look of the historic site. In order to complete any restoration or maintenance of such buildings to a high enough standard, ensuring the use of traditional materials should be at the forefront of your mind during the planning process. Timber window frames, for example, appear far more authentic than standard uPVC frames, allowing the overall look and feel of the building to remain as it ought. 

The experienced team at Pren Joinery are committed to elevating your windows alongside any other building maintenance projects you may need seen to.

Of course, injecting elements of charm and character don’t need to be reserved only for listed buildings, but can easily extend beyond those of historic interest to those of personal interest too (i.e. your home or business). 

Traditional vs modern materials

But you may be thinking, will choosing traditional materials over modern ones lead to some kind of compromise on quality? 

Not at all. 

Pren Joinery are passionate about using traditional materials to bring about modern day, quality performance, meaning no compromising is necessary. With our industry-leading expertise in sash and case windows, we are highly skilled in ensuring heat retention and energy efficiency is achieved even when restoring old fashioned window styles. Plus, when you choose to maintain the original look and design of your property instead of opting for modern finishings that clash with the overall atmosphere of your area, you not only get a more elegant, authentic finish, but you can also take pride in the fact that you have contributed to maintaining the architectural heritage of your neighbourhood. 

Whether you’re restoring your sash windows or are considering purchasing entirely new ones, we can help. 

We provide customers with completely bespoke sash windows across Edinburgh, with each window being made specifically and uniquely for your home. With a range of styles, materials, colours, and fittings, our friendly, expert team can freshen up the appearance of your home with beautifully-crafted sash windows that allow you to retain that all-important character of your property. 

Our services

At Pren Joinery, we are very proud to provide services for historic windows and heritage windows, examples of which can be found in the portfolio section of our website and on our social media channels.

We can supply and fit all types of sash timber windows that are either single glazed or double glazed offering low U-values. Our specialist team of tradesmen will come out to assess the work necessary on your period conservation windows, providing a quick and no obligation free quotation.

Our team of craftsmen have collectively accrued over 60 years of experience between them to ensure that your project will be handled by the most knowledgeable and experienced craftsmen in their field.

Wherever possible we always try to restore windows to their former glory without having to replace them entirely. Careful consideration is always taken regarding the materials we use and we always provide a free estimate and advice on how we can get your windows looking beautiful again.

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