When it comes to selling your first home it can sometimes seem as daunting as when you first started to think about getting on the property ladder itself. There’s so much to consider when trying to obtain the best possible price but a sure-fire way to increase the return on your property is through proper maintenance and restoration – especially if it is a period property that you hope to put on the market.

Pren Joinery is Edinburgh’s leading Sash and Case window company, and with this honourable title comes a lot of experience and knowledge about all things restoration and property maintenance. As a team, we’ve put together a short guide on things to consider when getting your property ready for putting on the market, with a specific focus on areas that may need an increased amount of attention in order to increase your return. 

Are all the windows in working order?

You might be at ease with the temperamental upstairs bathroom window that needs a special push at a certain angle in order for it to only open half way, but your potential new buyers won’t be. By making sure all your windows are in perfect working order before selling, you remove a possible subject that has a likelihood of being brought up in an effort to bring down the asking price for your property.

As an added bonus, by restoring your windows or maintaining the seals around them, you can advertise your property as energy efficient – meaning less money would need to be spent on utility bills (an attractive quality for anyone looking to buy!)

We especially recommend getting in touch with our expert team if you are selling a period property, as the windows in such properties are far more likely to require specialist maintenance and knowledge in order to restore them to their former glory appropriately and effectively. 

Do the internal and external doors need to be updated?

This is a particular point to note for all pet owners. Despite their cute, furry faces, kittens and puppies have a notorious habit of wanting to be with their owners at all times – even if that requires scratching endlessly at the kitchen, bedroom, or living room door (sometimes for what seems hours on end!).

Fixing the damage before listing your home is an absolute must because what’s endearing to you, won’t be for the buyer. Pren Joinery are skilled in hanging and fitting both internal and external doors, including fire doors. Fresh finishes like this around your property can win a buyer over very quickly, removing any trace of the thought, “Oh, this one’s going to take some work.”

Fix the flooring

Stained wood flooring, outdated carpeting, and tired linoleum can make a property feel very sad. Buyers might take one step inside and scratch the property from their list. Want to know how to increase the value of your home? Install new flooring.

If the property already has hardwood floors, then refinishing or restoring them will do the trick nicely. However, we also have a lot of experience in installing high quality laminate flooring and are also happy to consult on choosing which option best suits your property. 

Increase your return by contacting Pren

Our team of craftsmen have collectively accrued over 60 years of experience between them to ensure that your project will be handled by the most knowledgeable and experienced craftsmen in their field.

Contact our expert team by calling 0131 210 5000 or emailing info@pren.uk.