Wooden windows, particularly sash and case windows, can add a great deal of character and charm to your hotel.

Updating windows can have an impact on both the practicality and aesthetics of your hotel. Updating frames and glazing can make your property look refreshed and well finished. By making sure your new windows are energy-efficient, you’ll also reduce heating costs.

If your hotel’s old wooden windows are starting to look a little drab and cause draughts, it might be time to consider an upgrade. Here are our top four benefits of installing new wooden windows in your hotel.

Number one: Enhance the property’s appearance

Part of your hotel’s appeal might be its traditional charm and classic designs. If your property has sash and case windows or wooden frame windows, you might not want to replace these for uPVC windows at the risk of losing the traditional charm.

But, you don’t need to. As Edinburgh’s experts in sash and case windows, Pren Joinery craft designs that upgrade traditional timber sash and case windows throughout Edinburgh.

Replacing old windows can have a big impact and provide a fresh look while enhancing the features throughout your hotel.

It’s important to choose the right windows for your style of property so that they complement the look of the building. Details such as colour and fittings can also make a big difference. If you’re unsure which styles would suit your property, our friendly team can help you along the way.

Number two: Increase energy efficiency

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The windows in your hotel can govern how warm or cold it feels inside. 

If your guests feel cold draughts from windows filled with condensation, you might experience less than perfect reviews. And, you’ll find that guests will turn the heating up to full power.

Getting the glazing right is crucial to becoming more energy efficient. It is always worth thinking about how much warmth, security, and noise reduction you will need. 

There are various options within the double, triple, and secondary glazing ranges that can be considered. 

Number three: Timber is environmentally friendly (and looks beautiful)

Ethically sourced timber is one of the most environmentally friendly sash window materials available today.

Timber uses the lowest amount of energy in its processing, production, and transport, making it a popular material for those looking to purchase new sash windows. Timber also has an extremely long life-span and this can be extended even after the windows are replaced, through re-use and recycling. 

If you go with a high-quality window company, you can make sure your timber will have come from a good place.

One of the other main reasons timber sash windows are so incredibly popular is because they achieve a beautiful aesthetic. Wooden window frames are known for adding a certain charm and character to properties, increasing value and altogether improving the look of a building. 

Number four: Guest security

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Security is something all guests want when they stay at a hotel. 

Thankfully, timber doesn’t just look great, it also provides properties with excellent security, thanks to its structural integrity.

Wood provides owners with more structural integrity than any other material. The natural cellulose found in timber provides the strength and durability needed for your wooden sash windows to withstand years of changeable Scottish weather. And when constructed properly, wooden sash windows can last just as long (if not longer) than any other material used in construction today.

What about required maintenance?

The Pren maintenance plan has been created as we have several years’ experience with sash and case windows and many of the refurbishments we carry out are caused by windows suffering from a lack of maintenance over the years.

By offering our clients a maintenance package for a monthly payment, we can maintain and enhance the external appearance of your property, while making sure your windows are always in full working order.

Are you a hotelier looking to upgrade wooden windows?

Whether you’re a hotel owner or manager seeking to protect your guests from stressful external noise intrusion, offer more peace and quiet, or significantly reduce heating-cooling related energy costs, upgrading your windows can provide a real competitive edge.

Contact our expert team by calling 0131 210 5000 or emailing info@pren.uk